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What is your refund policy?
Please provide us with 24 hour advanced notice prior to your pickup day for a full refund. We can make changes to your reservation at any time.

Do you rent kids bikes?
Most locations carry bikes for kids and offer a few sizes that accommodate most needs.  In the event a location does not carry kid’s bikes, this option will not be available on the Reserve Your Bike Now rental area on this web site.

My child is coming with a group, but I will not accompany him or her. is there a liability waiver I need to sign?
Yes. We require a parent or legal guardian to sign a release of liability on behalf of an unaccompanied minor. Please download and fill out this release and send with your child to avoid any issues! Your child may not be able to participate if the release is not signed.

What kind of bikes do you rent?
Primarily we rent hybrid cruisers and mountain bikes in addition to kids’ bikes.  Bike rental offerings vary by locations, so please refer to the Reserve Your Bike Now rental area for an exact description of what each location offers.  Please know that hybrid cruisers are perfect for paved bike trails and riding around the mountain resorts streets.  Mountain bikes can be used on the same terrain and  also can be used on mountain trails.

Do you rent helmets?
All locations require wearing a helmet and have them available for rent for both adults and kids.

What should I wear?
Weather at altitude can be unpredictable so we encourage you be prepared.  It is encourages all riders bring some sort of rain gear/wind breaker in the event of a shower.  Dress in layers as you can always take a layer off as needed.  Consider wearing a backpack for storing items and research weather conditions on so you can see projected temperature conditions by the hour.

Are there mountain bike trails for beginners?
In most resorts, the answer is yes.  Please assess your abilities and speak with the Bike Rental associate who can assist in getting you on the rail that meets your experience level.
What happens if I get a flat?
In the event you get a flat during your rental, first get to a safe area and dismount the bike.  Next, we ask you call the Rental Shop and they will advise of next steps to get you back on the road or trail. Packing a cell phone and putting the rental shop number in your contact list is recommended for all bike renters.

What times of the year do you rent bikes?
Our rental season is somewhat dictated by the weather; however our rental season is typically May through August.  Certain mountain bike trails might be closed early season due to wet conditions but open up after a dry out period.
Can we bike on the ski resort property?
Most resorts do allow access to designated tails on the ski mountain should conditions we right.  Several resorts offer up hill bike transportation (via a chairlift) where you then descend down single track or the ski mountain